Sealtex Latex Bandage (Large)

Sealtex Latex Bandage (Large)

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Whenever pure, resilient, protective cushion is needed, Sealtex provides the answer.

  • Perfect for wrapping bit mouthpieces or legs.
  • Sealtex latex bandages are self-sealing and do not absorb water (or mouth saliva).
  • Whilst Sealtex sticks to itself and stays in place, it does not stick to anything else.
  • Smooth and soft the bandage has stretch however it will not loosen. 
  • It is a low profile bandage that won't add much bulk when used for bit repairs.
  • Sold individually.

Sealtex is made of pure latex. If you or your horse have a latex allergy, Sealtex latex bandages may not be the best solution of you.

Large (3" x 180")