Shane Rose *** Flex-On Stirrup & eQuick Event Boot Review

Flex-On Stirrups

I have been using Flex-On Stirrup Irons exclusively for the past 6 years. Flex-On stirrups provide a stable and comfortable ride that needs to be experienced. The iron is extremely light, only weighing 450 grams yet is extremely strong. The stirrup leather slot is offset. This along with the inclined tread helps achieve the ideal leg position. Small spikes in the tread helps to prevent your boot from slipping and gives you an excellent connection. 

I am now using the irons in all three phases. The all black irons are great for dressage as you don't appear to move as much with iron and boot blending into one piece. 

The composite moulding under the stirrup tread provides shock absorption which reduces strain and improves comfort. 

Finally, I find them to be very safe. Unlike some stirrups, there is no gap on the outside which can catch a rein, something that a lot of riders would of experienced. 

eQuick Eventing Boots

I have been using eQuick Eventing Boots for several years now. They have a unique feature in that the quick release system allows you to remove the boot in about a second. They are extremely lightweight and comfortable for the horse while providing high impact protection for the legs. Further, they are totally waterproof and are quite cool, not producing unnecessary heat to the legs.