Prestige X-D1 Zero K Dressage Saddle

Prestige X-D1 Zero K Dressage Saddle

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The D1-X ZERO close contact dressage saddle offers outstanding performance which makes it the the choice of discerning riders, who are looking for the best.

Prestige Italia have studied human and equine anatamony to embrace a holistic approach to design. They have incorporated the use of high-tech materials to achieve a perfectly balanced and responsive feel.

Rider comfort along with the comfort and wellbeing of the horse are paramount and behind the development of Pestige's close contact concepts and X-Techology.

The significantly thinner panels, softness of the seat and overall elasticity and â?ogiveâ?� minimise discomfort and fatigue, optimising the harmony between horse and rider.

The new D1-X ZERO does not rely on adjustments which could harm the horse in order to deliver a closer feel.

Saddle makers often resort to an extreme twist, lengthening the tree supports, or shifting the centre gravity to the rear of the seat, to give the rider a closer feel â?" all of these modifications can harm the horse.

The Prestige D1-X ZERO Features:
Improved close contact thanks to innovative design and the use of high-tech materials which allow an appreciable reduction in panel thickness. The saddle's improved stability ensures that the horse feels comfortable along its back and moves freely with confidence.

The upper part of the flap is now in calfskin leather to minimise thickness in this area. The under flaps use a special thermo-sensitive rubber to further reduce thickness and enhance the rider's feel.

The Details:
The Prestige X-D1 Zero features a large padded seat.V girth straps, A Wide Channel
Leather: Soft Calf Skin or Lux Leather.

Colours: Black or Brown.
Sizes: 16â?� 17â?� or 18â?�.

Warranty: Tree â?" Lifetime.
Stitching & Leather â?" 2 Years.